Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blog Response Topics

Your Blog + Your Sketchbook = An exploration of your Artistic Self

Blogging is an important way to learn about yourself and your peers.

I would like you to set up an account and blog on It is an easy to use format that isn’t blocked by the school’s filters. We will do this in class together. You will also need to bring me a permission form signed by your parents giving you permission to participate in this activity. If they will not allow you to blog you will be required to hand write your creative experiences, ideas, and reflections by Friday of each week.

What makes a blog successful?
-Pictures. we are visual people. We like to look at things. Don’t just write a story or an analysis provide pictures to illustrate your point or help us see your ideas.
-Links. Like pictures, links provide your reader with a broader story. Use links to back up your opinion or provide insight that you don’t want to re-write. A great place to use links is when you are blogging about colleges or exhibition opportunities and want to share application information or deadlines.
-Clear and thoughtful writing. Your blog can’t and shouldn’t be all pictures and links. Its like always saying ‘yea, what he said’. Boring! Be clear on your ideas, be direct, and be clever. Don’t write in text. I’m old and can’t read it.

One blog is due on Friday of each week. Friday. The last day of the week, not the last day of class. So, if your last day in my class in on a Thursday, your blog entry should be posted the following day, Friday. You will also be required to read and respond by leaving a comment on 3 of your classmates’ blog postings. Blogging is considered a homework activity. I understand that you may not have internet access at home and you may have the time before class to upload your writing.

You may choose from the list of blog topics that I have provided:
1.  Respond to a contemporary artwork. Include the image you are discussing and be sure to include a complete analysis of the art by evaluating the principles and elements. You must complete this blog 3 times.
2.  Response to an artist. This can be an evaluation of an artist’s style. You will probably want to include more than one image to discuss the artist’s effectiveness and body of work. You must complete this blog 3 times. 
3.  Respond to a historical artwork. Include the image you are discussing and be sure to include a complete analysis of the art by evaluating the principles and elements. This must be completed 2 times.
4.  Brief of an art related article. Like a book report only shorter. Can include your reaction to the information or how it may impact your art. This is an appropriate place to use links. Please site your article using MLA format. You must complete this blog 4 times. 
5.  Brief of an article related to your personal research. Like a book report only shorter. Should include how the information you have learned has affected you, your opinion, your art making. You must complete this blog 2 times.
6.  Research of personal interest. This is a wide ranging topic. Research of personal interest could take the form of an article brief, an interview, historical research, etc.,
    Complete this blog 2 times.
7. Report on a career in art that you may be interested in. Include training or education  you may need, average income, types or variations on the job, start up expenses, and portfolio you would need. Explain how this career is well suited to your personality. One time only.
8. Report on a career in art that you are not interested in. Report on the career including training and education you may need, variations on the job, start up expenses and portfolio you would need. Now explain why it would not be a good career choice for you. One time only.

9.  College Report. Research and report on one college you are interested in applying to.     You may not report on the same school as another person in the class. Include the college requirements, portfolio requirements, deadlines, essays and any other information that is needed to apply to the college AND art school. Be aware there are often 2 different application processes - the application to the school, and the application to the art program. This is a great opportunity to include links to applications, home pages, portfolio requirements, etc., Please also include why this particular school appeals to you. If you can’t find the information you need email or call the listed contact person on the website or art department secretary.
    Get yours done first to stake your claim or work it out amongst yourselves. 
    This blog must be completed two times with a report on different colleges.

10.      Most fun blog ever. This blog is to be done in conjunction with the media exploration   
      sketchbook assignment. Experiment with the medium of your choice and document    
      your samples (and process?) with a camera and/or video. Upload your images and  
      leave some commentary on the process, what worked, what didn’t and how you  
      would use this process in your art making.

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